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First Aid (Adult, Child & Infant)

First Aid

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- Course Description

Throughout the program, the students will learn hands-on skills to identify and eliminate potentially hazardous conditions in their environment, recognize emergencies and make appropriate decisions for first aid care. It teaches skills that participants need to know in order to provide immediate care for a suddenly ill or injured person until more advanced medical care arrives to take over.

- What You'll Learn

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:


  • Treat victims for burns, rashes, lacerations, and other bodily injuries.

  • Immobilize a broken leg until help arrives.

  • Prevent or minimize bleeding.

  • Treat animal bites or stings.

  • Give appropriate treatment for allergic reactions.

  • Warm a person who has hypothermia.

  • Treating fevers and illnesses.

  • Minimize the effects of poisoning or toxic exposure until medical help arrives.

- Entry Requirements

Valid forms of identification (e.g. drivers license or passport)

Course Fee:


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